Basic Information

The Republic of Malawi is a landlocked country bordered by Zambia, Tanzania, and Mozambique. Malawi covers an area of 118,480 km2, which is about one-third the size of Japan. Lilonqwe is the capital city of Malawi. The people of Malawi speak English, and vernacular languages including Chichewa, Lomwe, Yao and Tumbuka. For a list of useful words and phrases in Chichewa. Currently, approximately 83% of Malawians are employed in agriculture, but this is changing rapidly with urbanization.

Economy of Malawi

Malawi has largely been dependent on Agricultural exports, due to climatic and changes in the global environment, the country has embarked on diversification onto non-traditional export and industries. Malawi economy is expected to rebound from the real GDP growth rate of 3.1 percent in 2016 to 5.1percent in 2016. In 2015 Growth was largely affected by climatic conditions that resulted more than normal rainfall in some areas of the country which led to disasters and food shortages in the country. Due to the erratic weather conditions that disrupted the 2015 harvest to which Malawi is many rural areas are dependent on.

Malawi Government has been conducting Geo-Physical studies to studies to assess Malawi’s potential which revealed a number of minerals worth pursuing for both industrial and ornamental use. At the same time Lake-Malawi and other sites in Malawi have also shown potential for Petroleum and Gases in which blocks are being tendered for exploration The published price list, among other details, indicates that a high resolution airborne geophysical map of 1: 100,000 in PDF costs K75, 000 while a high resolution geophysical paper map of 1: 100,000 in color costs K20, 250.

Malawi government has also increased in diversification on Agriculture exports with creation of Green Belt initiatives (GBI) Government has resolved to intensify irrigation farming in order to transform the economy from the excessive dependence on rain-fed agriculture, as a lasting solution to the challenge of climate change. There is enormous investments that have high return rates as Malawi due to its climate grows a number of legumes that are in high demand all over the world such as Nuts,Beans,Pigeon peas,soya etc. that are fetching a lot of money on the local market in comparison to traditional products .

The country has also embarked on increasing power generation capacities in Malawi by allowing for Independent power producers to enter the market to be able to sell power to the national grid, currently over 7 IPPs have already signed contracts with government and over 15 others are in the process to produce power in Malawi using both renewable and non-renewable sources. Malawi Parliament has endorsed a bill to split Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) into two companies to improve its efficiency and revenue generation. The split will fall under the Power Market Restructuring (PMR) by government which, among others, involves the unbundling or splitting of Escom into two Parastatals; one for generation of power and the other for transmission and distribution.

As a result to meet growing demands of the population the country has instituted a number of reforms and policies to increase the country’s international competitiveness and outlook. Among some of the trade policies undertaken have been re-designing of the Malawi Trade Center to reduce the number of days it takes to open a business from high of 30 to a current 5. The government has also been undertaking civil service reforms which are re-engineering the service provision to realign with current global dispensation and increase efficiency which is ongoing at present.

These reforms are bearing results such that the country has seen itself rising on the global doing business ranking and it is likely that it is going to remain as such for long.

Malawi government at the moment has investment opportunities in the following areas, ICT,Energy,Mining,Tourism,Agriculture,Food and beverage,Services,Infrastrucure,Manufacturing ,Transport, Forestry etc. For more information follow the links provided.