Invest in Malawi

Malawi Government encourages local and foreign investment in any sector of the economy, with no restrictions on ownership.

Malawi offers an attractive investment climate, featuring stable political environment; friendly and kind people; a liberalized economy; preferential access to world markets under various agreements; hard working trainable labour force, competitive incentives for manufacturing particularly for exports; modern telecommunications; daily flight connecting to regional and international markets; industrial estates and Export Processing Zones; and positive moves towards a corruption free nation.

Except in specific circumstances, manufacturing activities require no license, and the incorporation of a company in Malawi takes a maximum of 10 days. The Government of Malawi is dedicated to facilitating private investment.

Procedures for Business Applications

Potential Investors can access important documents here. The Embassy welcomes investors to discuss information on the following:

  • Procedures and fees for obtaining Business Resident Permit, Investment License, Temporary Employment Permit, and land acquisition;
  • Procedures and documentation for Company Registration
  • Indicative tariffs for investment related services such as electricity, water, phone and transport
Potential Investment Areas

A number of areas are ready for investment such as below:

  • Mining (rear metals)
  • Cotton Ginning, spinning and weaving
  • Textile accessories
  • Phosphate fertilizer
  • Cut flowers
  • Agro processing such as soy bean extraction and fruit juice extraction
  • Rubber product manufacturing
  • Investment in Tourism facilities, such as hotels
  • Ecotourism investment projects
Useful Links

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