Malawi government has realized the need for a labor force that is educated and well trained for its needs. Malawi government has realized the need for access to higher education. Due to increase in demand from the current Public Universities Malawi government has been building Universities to meet the access and also increase the sciences subject to which innovation can be sourced from. Recently Malawi opened Malawi University of Science and Technology. Currently the government is also building other Universities such as Mombera University, Marine Universities and 3 others.

There are also a number of Private Universities in Malawi offering different subjects from social sciences to specialty courses both for undergraduate and post graduate certificates . To increase labor requirements Malawi government has also started a project to build community colleges in every community to train Malawians in different skills that are needed for growing ecomomy.Currently World Bank is funding TEVETA (Technical, Entrepreneurial and Vocational Education and Training Authority of Malawi) in Malawi to train over 4,000 youths in various skills within already established colleges in the country. The ambitious plan by Malawi government has been receiving overwhelming support from different stakeholders who have decided to invest in the initiative. Malawi has also a budding ICT industry within Malawi currently the country supported by Malawi government which has a special commission to actively pursue and support research and development in Malawi called NCST. Currently there are a number of research works and projects in Malawi in the field of ICT4D including private sector led initiatives. Malawi’s public universities do offer programmes up to PhD levels in Sciences and Math’s subjects. Please follow the links provided for further information.