Eco-Tourism in Malawi

It’s not mere coincidence that so much of Malawi’s pristine nature remains untouched - Malawi is a country dedicated to conservation. Home to the world’s first freshwater National Park, Malawi contains a plethora of protected areas and national parks.

Malawi is a country that is located in the SE of Africa, in the great rift African valley, due to its location the country has unique things peculiar to the country such as it hosts over 488 species of butterflies of which 16 are endemic and the number increases every time. The country has over 650 species of birds recorded some migratory, and its lake has over 1000 species of fish some Endemic to Malawi which are the collectors top priority all over the world in aquariums and fish tanks. For flower lovers, there is great diversity, including 400 orchid species

World Heritage

Malawi has UNESCO world heritage sites such as Lake-Malawi National park, and Chongoni Rock art in Dada Malawi. The country has tentative lists Khulubvi and Associated Mona Sacred Rain Shrines, Lake Chilwa Wetland, Malawi Slave Routes and Dr. David Livingstone Trail, Mulanje Mountain Biosphere Reserve, Nyika National Park, Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve and Nyau dance that have been proposed which a worthy to see.

Malawi has a hot summer rainfall season from November to April so the best time to visit is during the drier winter months - early May to late October. Winter gets chilly high up on the northern Nyika Plateau but down on the shore of Lake Malawi you can expect warm, sunny and dry days - great beach weather! This is also when to go to Malawi for the best game viewing - much of the vegetation has thinned out and animals are concentrated at rivers and permanent waterholes. Malawi has over 18 Reserved areas and 5 National Parks that are well kept and undergoing restocking, they are also been given out to be privately run to increase professionalism as a result they offer a great opportunity to encounter almost all kinds of tropical life including the big 5.

Access to Malawi is very easy both by plane, Land and water on Lake-Malawi, there are everyday international flights into the cities of Lilongwe and Blantyre. The country boasts a number of accommodation units that are of repute. Travelling to Malawi should be one of the bucket lists of every person’s wish.