Agriculture accounts for over 70% of economy of Malawi, Government has emphasized its keen interest in developing and diversifying the country's agriculture production, expand its export base, and improve livelihood of the producers. Malawi government has also identified Rice among other farm produce to contribute to Malawi’s forex Exchange and believes that the crop can overtake tobacco within a few years. The National Rice Development Platform NRDP for example recently stated that even though there are over 600,000 hectares of land available in Malawi which can be used for rice production only a fraction of that land is being exploited for rice production and could potential earn enormous revenue for the country.

The Malawi Government recognizes and has also prioritized legumes farming as stated in the National export Strategy (NES) which has led government to specially fund and support legumes farmers . Another initiative is the Green Belt initiative that plans to irrigate hundreds of thousands of arable land, currently there are some success stories already in which SME and MNE have already started investing and producing different products and value addition mechanisims to increase export and revenue rather than exporting mainly raw products.